me.JPGMy name is Maggie McGriff and I am a graduate student in the department of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Arkansas. I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and my cognate area of my degree will be focused in Educational Technology. I received my undergraduate degree from the U of A in 2009 in Human Environmental Sciences, and my Master’s degree in 2011 in Secondary Education with a concentration on Career and Technical Education. Family and Consumer Sciences Education was my focus during my Master’s, and that is the area I hope to pursue when I finish my degree in 2014. I hope to teach at the secondary level and use various aspects of educational technology to enhance my instruction and the learning experiences of my students.

I was new to the field of educational technology before I started this degree program, other than the occasional course that mentioned incorporating technology into the classroom. No course I had ever taken focused on the concepts I’ve learned in my ETEC courses thus far. This Wiki site encompasses all I’ve learned in this course and the products I’ve produced from learning about educational technology and how it relates not only to my area of interest, but several others as well. When I finish this degree program, I will be much better equipped to effectively integrate technology into my classroom and provide students with more meaningful opportunities for learning through technology. I’ve learned that technology can assist teachers in any field, and that both instruction and learning can be more fun!