Attention Teachers!

Finding funding for technology in your school is not impossible--all you have to do is use your resources and follow some very simple guidelines. This page is dedicated to helping you access funding to add or incorporate more technology in your classroom and or school. Whatever we can do to make learning more relevant to students with the integration of technology, the better. Additional funding for our schools can often help us incorporate the ISTE's standards for students through the use of newer and more up-to-date technologies in our schools. I've compiled a list of resources that may help you find resources for educational technology, whether it be in the form of grants, awards, private funding, or something else. The url is included for each, as well as a short description of the resource. Enjoy the information--it's free!

Enhancing Education Through Technology: This grant program is for K-12 schools to help educators improve student achievement through the use of technology. Technology literacy, teacher training, and instructional design are also goals of this program. For more information, visit

Ready to Teach: This program involves opportunities for funding through competitive grants to improve teaching in core curriculum areas and to enable the development of educational video programming. The 3-5 year awards focus mostly on teacher training and development. For more information, visit

Ready to Learn: This is a student-centered program that offers grant awards to support the development of educational television and other digital media for early childhood ages and their families. Learning and school readiness are the goals of the program, but the organization also promotes community outreach and educational research. For more information, visit

Grant Wrangler:This site has multiple resources for educators to help find and apply for educational technology grants. Not only do they have technology-based funding opportunities, but they also have STEM, Arts, Health, and many other opportunities for grants and awards. Check out their site at

eInstruction: This site has many opportunities for educators, but has a special section just for grants and other funding opportunities. One great feature is their grant template resource which will help you on your way to finding funding for your school! Visit their website and all they have to offer at

New Schools Venture: This website also has tons of educational technology-related resources, including a special section for entrepreneurs trying to find innovative ways for integrating technology into education. This page has a long list of additional funding opportunities for educators:

Last, but not least, Technology Grant News offers some great examples of grants that are currently open for application and offer various opportunities for educators. Also found on this site is the latest news and research regarding educational technology, which may lead you to find more resources for funding--who knows! Visit their site at