Networking Project
Lesson Plan Template
ETEC 5303

Your Name: Maggie McGriff

Lesson Title: “Networking” for Child Development

Introduction: Because networking in schools is an important topic to cover in Orientation to Teaching, we will visit various websites that will help the students understand more about networks. However, since the concepts get very detailed, we will be navigating away from the more technical networking concepts and making the networking concept more real to our own classroom by creating our own online “network” through This is an online collaboration program where teachers can create networks within their own classrooms. The concepts will be relevant to the students and will benefit our own classroom by allowing the students to be connected to each other through digital communication. Then the students will be conducting an individual activity through the use of the computers, which are all on the same network, and researching for articles in the news about child development.

Content Area and Grade or Age Level of Student(s):
  • Orientation to Teaching, High School

  • Learn about networks and why they are important for schools to consider
  • Join a class “network” to communicate online with the teacher and their classmates
  • Explore real-world issues related to child development by researching for news stories online

Standards Addressed:

  • Orientation to Teaching I, Unit 2: Characteristics of Learners
    • Framework Item 2.3 Discuss ways the learner develops from age six through age ten.

  • ISTE Teacher Standard 1: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
    • b. Engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources

Timeline: one class period (approx. 50 minutes)

Materials: Because most of the assignment will be conducted on the computer, supplies are limited. I will pass out a handout of the PowerPoint for students to keep for later instructions if they need help with Edmodo.

Grouping Strategies: My classroom is a computer lab, so all students will have their own computer. I will not group students for this activity, but while learning about networks, we will be discussing the concepts as a class.

Learning Activities:

Students will be guided through creating a free account with, a networking site for teachers, students, and parents. After students create an account and create a profile, they will do the following activity.

Individual activity: research for child development stories in the recent news (2010-present) about children in middle childhood (age 6-10). Find one story that pertains to we have talked about in class regarding this stage of development.

You should: summarize the news story, determine what type of development is represented, and discuss why it is important for teachers or parents to know. Please type your descriptions in a Word document (1 page minimum) and include the url of your article and submit them in the link on Edmodo titled “Child Development in the News.”

Diversity: This lesson could be modified in multiple ways, depending on students’ special needs. The content could be taught without the use of a computer if I provided handouts of the articles to read about networking as well as child development stories in the news. If students need extra time, this lesson could be divided into two class periods. Visually impaired students could utilize screen readers to complete the tasks on the computer.

Assessment: Through this lesson, students will have the opportunity to earn a total of 30 points toward their semester grade. Students will be assessed by the completion of the following:
  • Creation of profile (10 pts.)
  • Write-up of the child development article they found while searching online (20 pts.)